Hi my name is Sarah and I have been sewing since 2013.

My sewing journey started long before this however. As a child I used to draw sketches of clothes and ask my Mum if we could make them. I used to love doing this but soon lost patience because I wanted to get my hands onto the sewing machine and didn’t understand at the time that most sewing is not in fact done at the sewing machine but in the preparation.

My career for some time took a different path and I qualified with a Law degree in my 20’s.

However, later on in life I found myself unable to work due to chronic depression. I knew then I had to do something that would be good for my mental well being. So, it was on my 40th birthday, I went to John Lewis in Newbury and, with my Mum and Dad, picked out my first sewing machine. I chose it because it was pink. It seemed a valid reason at the time.

With this machine I started making dog leads and collars and I got the ‘sewing bug’.

From dog leads, I went on to sewing small cosmetic pouches, then tried making bags and craft storage accessories. I have tried varying techniques and fabrics and gradually learnt what I enjoy doing most within the wide remit that is ‘sewing’.

I love making accessories that are both pretty and useful. From the most adorable baby slippers, to more sophisticated summer bags and bespoke knitting needle storage, if an item is useful I will want to make it.

My blog maps my learning journey since 2018 and I share skills I have learnt along with ideas and techniques.

Ripley’s Emporium showcases some of my work which is for sale. Click on the link in the emporium and you will be directed to either Amazon Hand Made or Made Me , Etsy or a local shop where you can continue safely with your purchase.

Happy Sewing!


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